The advantage of Joomla API over Wordpress

The advantage of Joomla API over Wordpress

Probably you have heard such opinion that Joomla is badly written CMS that have big problems with performance. Of course, everything is relative and depends on technology that in use, technical requirements and high load of the project, but I am going to talk about common used OpenSource CMS of similar class and compare Joomla to Wordpress in case of performance. I hope this post give a practically example of Joomla API advantage.

This experiment was set up by Denis Smetannikov - a JBZoo developer.

The point of the experiment is simple - to run the same operations on both popular CMS and finally to compare results of the experiment. Let’s have a look at the screenshot showing the result of Joomla vs Wordpress "battle":

Experiment: Joomla vs Wordpress
Result of Joomla vs Wordpress battle

I will not trouble you with the technical details, but I just take a note that:

  • Joomla required half the RAM
  • Joomla operated the processes 4 times faster

For those persons who are interested in details, here are some comments from Denis:

“The input data was used fairly - test was made using codex without overhead as a result of examining manuals, best practices and the code itself. Finally, it is not a CMS comparison, but their simple functions taken from the source. Example:

Joomla: JFactory::getApplication()->input->get()

Wordpress: $wp_query->get()
Alternatively, we can take sendmail functions of both CMS where PHPmailer is in use, etc.”

Here you go to get more details at Travis CI and have a look at results.

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