Captcha is Evil! Solution for JoomShopping, Virtuemart and com_contact

Captcha is Evil! Solution for JoomShopping, Virtuemart and com_contact

Everyone knows, the lesser fields are required to fill during the registration process the higher conversion is. But what to do with bots which have been signing up on our site? To add Captcha? It’s a paradox. Below you will find a simple yet nice solution allowing you to prevent bots' submissions without Captcha.

Top Joomla Templates - October 2016

New Joomla Templates - October, 2016

Here is a short overview of fresh and nice Joomla templates by popular template providers that have been appeared on the marketplace during passed month. Here we go to have a look at them.

Thesis: Developing a Site for University

Thesis: Developing a website for University

When I was finishing university 4 years ago, the subject of my thesis was: “How to create a website for Graphic Arts Department using CMS”. A real website for the faculty was made and the process was documented and explained in detail.
Pagekit digest No1 - August 2016

Pagekit digest No.1 (August 2016)

Hey folks, I’ve been thinking to write irregular digests dedicated to Pagekit CMS and make a short overview about recent news, 3rd party extensions and useful stuff for the developers, so this article is the first portent. Let’s see what’s new happened in Pagekit world.

Announce of JoomlaDay Poland 2016 to take place in Gliwice

JoomlaDay Poland 2016 to take place on 24-25th of September

This September JoomlaDay is coming back to Poland after successful event that took place in Gdansk last year. In 2016 the the event is moving to the South West part of Poland in Gliwice city and will be held in Silesian University of Technology.

Report from Joomla Day Poland 2015

My journey to JoomlaDay Poland 2015

Dear friends, below you can become familiar with my report of JoomlaDay Poland that took place in Gdańsk at September of last year. English version of this report came with a really huge delay, but I guess it’s better to late with the report, than to ignore, eh? :) So, let’s start.

Upgrading to PHP 7 0 6 can crash your scripts

Upgrading PHP to 7.0.6 can crash your scripts

After updating PHP to version 7.0.6 many users have noticed problem with their sites which no longer working in some cases. After detailed examination we can see the problem occurs with some scripts and code. The reason is a few major issues that were fixed in v.7.0.6 and which can affect your scripts or framework code.

JoomlaDay Russia 2016 - 27th of May, Moscow

JoomlaDay Russia 2016. 27th of May, Moscow

Two years have passed from the time when the first JoomlaDay Russia was held and the time to start a new event has came again. The event expects about 150-200 visitors and will take a day. Organized by founders of the Russian Joomla community, the event is promised to be really interesting and let all active users to meet up.

How to add Disqus comments in Pagekit

Adding Disqus comments to Pagekit

If you’re going to run a blog based on Pagekit, you have already noticed a standard comment system implemented in Blog extension. To submit a comment users need to register on the site first, which is not so suitable nowadays, at my opinion. Why not to use any social widget as an alternative? Today we’ll talk how to implement Disqus comments in Pagekit.

Norrnext - extensions for Joomla and Pagekit

RoundTheme - Professional Kunena templates

NorrTheme - templates for Joomla and Wordpress